Imagine you had a map that shows you how to personalize educators’ professional learning

PLM is a comprehensive professional learning system that guides you as you implement, monitor, deliver, and support personalized professional development for every educator.


Personalize professional learning

We all know learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. Professional Learning Maps starts with educators completing a diagnostic survey we call PathFinder. PathFinder designs an individual learning Map and Path for each educator based on reflection of what is happening in their classroom every day. Along each educator’s personalized Path, they access tools and resources designed for immediate application.

Gain insights for whole-school professional learning

PathFinder also develops a whole-school Map and Path that guide collaborative learning for groups of educators, professional learning communities, schools, districts, and states. See precisely where to focus whole-school workshops and professional development for specific grade levels and subject areas, as well as educator and non-educator roles.

Inspire a culture of continuous improvement


You’ll know your school is moving from theory to practice when educators show competency in the skills along their Paths. Each time an educator sharpens or gains skills, a badge is received. Badges are a quick, visual way to see the results of the dedication of you and your staff to professional learning.


Look-Fors identify one Professional Learning Maps skill and its associated observable behaviors. Documenting observations before and after campuswide and/or small-group Professional Learning Maps sessions is another way to measure impact on educator understanding. Use the Look-For data to identify where to celebrate educator growth and where to provide additional support.

Implement with 360° support

With time-saving, flexible resources, the Guide to Implementation has more than information. It contains emails you can use as-is or adapt to communicate big ideas — such as the purpose of Professional Learning Maps and its intended impact on student learning and achievement — as well as logistics about PathFinder, scheduled sessions, and more. Materials such as conversation starters, sample newsletters, and monitoring charts span the entire year, providing comprehensive support. And recommendations for cultivating a culture of professional learning provide a framework for continuing growth in schools and districts. You may also choose to work with one of our experienced specialists for a more customized, targeted implementation.

Become a learning leader

Each Map has a leadership PathFinder that addresses key actions, support, background knowledge, and implementation. Your resulting Path directs you to all the areas where your educators need bolstering, as well as supports you in leading by example.

Professional Learning Maps also offers a complete Leadership Map, developed in close partnership with Learning Forward. This Map focuses on uniting educators campuswide, with strategies that foster collective responsibility. Because with great leadership, all educators serve as active partners of professional learning, recognize improvements of practice, and realize true change in student learning.

Align goals and initiatives to Maps

District goals change and new initiatives arise. But you no longer need to expend as many resources conceiving, planning, and implementing different professional development programs every year.

Professional Learning Maps is a comprehensive, scalable system that includes:

You can choose one or more Maps at any time based on goals and initiatives to enhance your educators’ professional growth and positively affect student achievement.

“Teachers are bought in because they understand why we focus on these areas, and they had input into the process.”

— Instructional coach, New Mexico

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