Imagine you had a map that personalizes your professional learning

PLM is a comprehensive professional learning system that guides you as you engage in personalized professional development designed for you by you.

Drive your own learning

Professional Learning Maps is Web-based, so you can access it anytime anywhere, but there’s more to driving your own learning. PathFinder is the key. PathFinder is a diagnostic that designs a personal learning Map and Path based on your personal reflection of what is happening in your classroom every day.

Start exactly where you are

Guided Path Start

The Professional Learning Maps system literally shows you where to start. Your personal learning Path through your Map is scaffolded and provides all the learning materials needed to build on your specific skillset.

Apply knowledge immediately

For the greatest impact on student learning, our tools and resources are designed for immediate application. Whether it’s a planning template for classroom instruction or a resource to share directly with parents, Professional Learning Maps aims to close the gap between professional learning and implementation into your classroom.

Personalize content

In addition to the many tools and resources built within, you can upload files and links to materials you’ve found helpful, too. While creating a hub for your professional development, personalizing your content is yet another way you can drive your own learning, too.

Experience a paradigm shift

Professional Learning Maps is not a single event. It’s continuous and comprehensive and unlike any other professional development out there today. It’s a system that manages, delivers, and evaluates differentiated professional learning with the personalized experience you deserve.

Sound like we’re trying to accomplish a lot? We are. Because we know that’s exactly what you do every day.

Learn how to enhance your professional development journey.

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