Conceptual Understanding of Fractions, Ratios, and Proportions

This Map equips educators to develop students’ conceptual understanding of fractions, ratios, and proportions, improving their ability to apply procedures effectively and meet the increased expectations of high school, college, and career. The Map is designed in a flipped PD format — educators complete online, self-guided modules and then attend a full-day onsite training led by an experienced PLM coach. During the personalized, in-person training, educators complete an instructional plan to immediately apply their learning in the classroom. Educators also have access to all online modules, plus unlimited emails and calls to their coach, for one calendar year.


  • Overview
  • Fractions
  • Ratios
  • Proportions

Map Content

  • Hear a math coach discuss some of the challenges many educators face teaching fractions and ways to help students acquire the critical skills necessary for higher-level math.

  • Conceptual Understanding of Fractions: Part-Whole

    In the activities, explore the basis of conceptual understanding of fractions, ratios, and proportions; diagnose common misconceptions; and learn how to build students' skills and deepen their conceptual understanding.

  • In the videos, watch a math coach help students understand and address math misconceptions.

At the Onsite Workshop

During our in-person workshops, educators continue to sharpen the skills developed during the online learning experience. Using their own curricular materials, educators create a complete instructional plan for teaching conceptual understanding of fractions, ratios, and proportions for use in the classroom. The workshop format is collaborative and the activities are interactive, engaging, and relevant to each educator's grade level.

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