Aligned to Title 1 guidelines and the National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs, our Family Engagement Map supports educators in developing effective strategies to build a bridge between parents, families, and guardians and the classroom and school community. We know engaging families as active partners in the learning process supports student achievement, strengthens relationships among all stakeholders, and aids students in reaching their full academic potential. Our Family Engagement Map provides the data-informed, customized support and targeted resources needed to successfully engage families in your school community.

Map Content

Our Family Engagement Map includes a catalog of rich content designed to help educators develop skills related to specific concepts. Educators can follow a personalized Path through the content — a sample set of resources are available for preview below. Additionally, leaders can use our session guides to facilitate learning with groups of educators.

  • Testimonial Videos

    Follow one teacher’s journey by watching Teacher Testimonial Videos detailing her successes and challenges.

  • Case Studies

    After you have an understanding of the theory behind a concept, Case Studies offer a depiction of how the concept comes to life within the classroom and larger school community. Each Case Study includes a text- or video-based classroom anecdote, and a corresponding list of the best practices illustrated in the study.

  • Implementation

    Throughout the course, challenge yourself to identify ways you can implement new skills in practice and reflect on the outcomes.

    Download the Standards Implementation Challenge
  • Interactive Learning

    Test your understanding of several key skills by applying your knowledge in controlled theoretical scenarios.

  • Direct-to-Parents

    Once you are ready to implement a skill, you can access our Direct-to-Parent resources. These turnkey resources are ready for use or adaptation in your classroom or school and include materials such as frequently asked questions, surveys, planning tools, and multimedia presentations.

    Download the Pre-Planning Conference Form Direct-to-Parents
  • Tools

    Additional tools are ready for you to download and print. These resources include materials such as planning templates, checklists, and agendas.

    Download the Communicating with Parents Checklist

Concepts and Skills

Family Engagement map

Our Family Engagement Map includes 12 key skills (Skill hexagon) grouped into 3 concepts ( Concept ).

  • Partnership
    • Classroom Community
    • School Community
    • Community Connections
  • Communicating with Parents
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Methods of Communication
    • Techniques for Communication
  • Supporting Student Learning
    • Family Contribution
    • Parent Involvement Programs
    • Standards
    • College & Career Readiness
    • Assessments
    • Data

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