Our Leadership Map, created in close partnership with Learning Forward, begins with an assessment of the extent to which your school or district’s professional learning practices align with Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning. In our personalized learning environment, leaders learn how to effectively unite educators campuswide in the collective goal of improving student outcomes. Using our focused strategy fosters a culture of collective responsibility, wherein all educators serve as active partners of professional learning, recognize improvements of practice, and realize true change in student learning.

Content Guides

Access a wealth of information to support a comprehensive professional learning system, including research-based descriptions of concepts and skills, exemplars of practice, and activities to facilitate learning. Additional resources in the form of focused tools provide the framework you need to plan, support, advocate for, implement, reflect on, and evaluate professional learning.

Concepts and Skills

Leadership map
This Map includes 50 key skills (Skill hexagon) grouped into the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning: Learning Communities, Leadership, Resources, Data, Learning Designs, Implementation, and Outcomes ( Concept ). Implementation of this highly specific skillset is intended to help leaders immediately impact educator practice.

  • Learning Communities
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Collaboration
    • Collective Responsibility
    • Participation
    • Cycle of Continuous Improvement
    • Effective Communication
    • Accountability
  • Leadership
    • Equitable Resources
    • Active Participation
    • Advocate for Resources
    • Priority
    • Positive Culture
    • Link to Student Achievement
    • Building Capacity
  • Resources
    • Practice & Application
    • Monitoring Resources
    • Expenses
    • Time
    • Allocation of Resources
    • Variety of Experiences
    • Technology
  • Data
    • Continuous Evaluation
    • Value & Impact
    • Using Educator Data
    • Using Student Data
    • Impact on Practice
    • Variety of Data
    • Assessing Effectiveness
    • Pre-plan Measurement
  • Learning Designs
    • Needs-Based
    • Technology-Enhanced
    • Teacher-Driven
    • Support for Application
    • Online Professional Learning
    • Observation
    • Teacher Input
  • Implementation
    • Enhance Teacher Practice
    • Ongoing Support
    • Consistent Learning Plan
    • Goal-Aligned
    • Teacher Reflection
    • Research-Based
    • Constructive Feedback
  • Outcomes
    • Focus on Curriculum
    • Increased Student Achievement
    • Connection to Educator Standards
    • High Standards
    • Developing & Expanding Learning
    • Professional Learning Plans
    • Connection to Prior Learning

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