Imagine you had a map relevant to each and every educator

Guided Path Start

Maps orient people. Each of our Professional Learning Maps orient educators to today’s most pressing educational issues, and support education professionals as they move from their current understanding to a place of collective understanding. How? Through dedication, of course, and our powerful PathFinder.

PathFinder evaluates educators’ individual feedback to develop a personal learning path that takes them from their starting point on a Professional Learning Map to their destination, where all educators will be — that place of common understanding.

Educators provide their feedback on a simple scale, indicating the extent to which they apply specific research-based best practices in their roles.

PathFinder then builds individual Maps and Paths around what each educator already knows by outlining their strengths.

PathFinder also develops aggregate Maps and Paths that guide collaborative learning for groups of educators, professional learning communities, schools, districts, and states.

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