Imagine you had a map that announced when you reached a milestone

When educators pass short assessments, exhibiting competency in the skills along their personal learning paths, they claim badges.

Badges celebrate success! If educators share their Paths with school leaders, those leaders see the badges on the corresponding skills. If Paths are private, educators can still share by printing individual badges or a list of badges.

Shared or not, badges mean educators were committed to developing a skill by working through all of the required resources and presented evidence of understanding. It’s a way educators show they are that much closer to doing what we all want to do: engage and inspire students.

How do you claim a badge?


Complete the required resources for a skill

Work through the required skill resources, which may include an online module, documents, and videos.

Assessment star

Pass the badge assessment

Badge assessments touch on all the key ideas that make up a skill. You can try a badge assessment multiple times if you don’t reach 80% proficiency on your first attempt.


Print your badges!

Let other people see your badges by printing individual badges or your entire Badges list.

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