Imagine you had a map that shows where districts are in their professional journey to increase student achievement

PLM is a comprehensive professional learning system that guides you as you implement, monitor, deliver, and support personalized professional development across your district or state.

Individuals to Aggregate Map

Gain insights for district and statewide professional learning

Professional Learning Maps starts with educators completing a diagnostic survey we call PathFinder. PathFinder develops districtwide and statewide Maps and Paths that show precisely where to focus professional learning so you can target funding to meet collective need. Also use this data to inform districtwide and statewide initiatives and policy.

Speak the same language

When implementing a new professional learning opportunity across a district or state, it is critical to communicate consistently. Professional Learning Maps’ comprehensive professional development system ensures that every teacher, support staff member, and administrator is on the same page and speaking the same language along their personalized professional learning journey to a place of collective understanding.

Implement quality professional learning

Tools and Resources

Each of our learning experiences, planning tools, and resources are authored by current and former teachers and administrators who have real school experience and know the specific areas where teachers and administrators may need guidance. Our team knows the nature of educational leadership, adult learning, and the trajectory from traditional teaching to a truly standards-aligned, student-centered learning culture. Even better, many of our Maps feature leaders in education, including Learning Forward.

Support leaders as they support teachers

District-level leadership plays a critical role in supporting administrators as campus instructional leaders. Professional Learning Maps supports you as you provide the key actions, background knowledge, and implementation support that school-based leaders need to engage as lifelong learners.

Learn how to enhance your professional development journey.

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