Imagine you had a map that provides the tools and resources necessary to implement best practices

Professional Learning Maps engages educators through a variety of relevant and meaningful learning experiences — each crafted to support immediate application in the classroom.

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Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos follow individual educators on their journeys through implementing a variety of new skills and practices. Each testimonial details a distinct challenge and offers strategies to turn struggle into success.

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Case Studies

After gaining an understanding of the theory behind an instructional practice, Case Studies offer a depiction of how the practice comes to life in the classroom. Each Case Study includes a text- or video-based classroom scenario and a corresponding list of the best practices illustrated in the study.

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Implementation Challenges

Educators are challenged to identify ways to implement new and sharpened skills into teaching practices and then reflect on the outcomes.

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Interactives provide a setting for educators to practice their understanding of several key concepts by applying knowledge in controlled theoretical scenarios.

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Lesson Plans

Educators explore and create lesson plans to apply their professional learning in the classroom. Each lesson plan includes either an example that demonstrates the skill or a podcast that guides development of a skill-based lesson plan.

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Direct-to-Students & Parents

Direct-to-Parent resources are also provided and include materials such as frequently asked questions, surveys, planning tools, and multimedia presentations.

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After completing professional development for a particular skill, learners take a short online assessment. Meeting the assessment criteria for competency allows learners to claim badges.

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Session Guides for Leaders & Facilitators

These guides provide everything leaders and facilitators need to support educators, including research-based descriptions of concepts and skills, exemplars of practice, and activities. Additional focused tools provide the framework leaders need to plan, support, advocate, implement, reflect, and evaluate professional learning.

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